This legacy challenge was originally written by Pinstar in 2004 for The Sims2 ( Pinstar's Original Apocalypse Challenge for Sims 2 and his updated rules for all Sims 2 content.) I spent many tense, yet happy, hours anguishing over whether my sim would live till midnight so she could eat! In 2009, simmer Ashleigh825 tweaked the rules to reflect The Sims3 (Ashleigh's Apocalypse Challenge Thread . ) I included and have updated Ashleigh's rules for clearing the Paranormal and DaVinci restrictions as alternate rules for anyone who does not own Ambitions. Thanks, Ash, for the hard work you put into the original rewrite! I have also included new alternate rules for Education, Fire Fighter, Investigator, Stylist, Architect and both Film careers for those who don't own the governing expansions.

I would like to present to you now, my own update of the rules for play with The Sims3 Ambitions. I hope I have stayed within Pinstar's original vision for the challenge. I know I'm looking forward to playing it!

Without further ado ....The Apocalypse Challenge

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Please consider joining in for chatting, especially when the EA boards are down :) 17:31, August 31, 2011 (UTC)

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